For people who want to get to know the camels and their Raika keepers, we provide a range of experiences

Chaifari – If you want to see where our milk comes from, then book a chaifari! You will visit a nomadic herding camp, encounter the camels, and have the chance to sit down with our herders and learn from them. A taste of camel milk – drunk in the traditional way from a folded aak leaf – is included and/or a bowl of camel milk tea brewed over the camp fire.

Ranakpur Camel Lodge – Book your A/C room with attached bath in our Ranakpur Camel Lodge to stay in an utterly tranquil place at the edge of the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary. We offer support to parents of autistic children so that the children can benefit from fresh milk directly from the udder.

Campus visit and lecture – After prior appointment, we can arrange guided tours to our campus where you can buy camel goodies from our shop or sample camel milk and camel milk chai. On occasion, our founders are available for giving lectures tailor-made to your needs.